Music, Music, Music!

Johnny Crocker


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Embrace Your Passion

I was born and raised in Greenville, Mississippi. The HEART of the delta! There, music, art and writing just SEEPED into your bones. The first thing that grabbed me by the throat was art. I started drawing from the first time I could hold a pencil. (still do)  But in my mid teens something  else happened...MUSIC!

If you love it, DO IT!

I got my first guitar at 15 and would not (COULD NOT!) put it down.  I remember my dad saying, "Son, just take it off long enough to eat!" Three years later I was playing guitar for the great B.J. Thomas. How that happened so fast is still a mystery to me. 

Don't quit

People will tell you early on, "You can't make a living doing this." 

Don't listen to them!  Follow your passion but keep your head on your shoulders. Always, ALWAYS take care of business! Never lose your passion for the creative side...but T.C.B.!!